Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Other End

I am discouraged to watch you turn me away.
I recall a time when we were close.
Don’t you remember when we were small and excited for the energy given by the light?
Your eyes now hold confusion and your mind is detached from our beginnings.
I miss your genuine smile and surprised laugh as we explored.
It seems you are lost, walking in a mist.
Can’t you remember our bond?
How can you accept the façade of this tainted journey?
We trusted in the belief of our time together.
The truth we once shared, became my compass.
I can feel you in my soul as surely as I touch my own hand.
Please, don’t go.
Warm in the sunlight with me once more.


Thomma Lyn said...

Such a sad, touching, and poignant poem. It moved me deeply -- "the truth we once shared became my compass"... segueing to "please don't go." Simply beautiful.

It doesn't get any better than love warmed by the sunshine, and time spent in chilly shadows of doubt only deepens our appreciation for the sunshine's warmth.

Dorothy said...

I'll have to echo Thomma's comment. Sad and touching..."please don't go"..."warm in the sunlight with me once more." I'm choked up. Alex?

You do a wonderful job writing poems and I wish you'd make the time to write all the time. You're very good and people get what you have to say.

Love you, Mom

Paula said...

I just love it!
You have an amazing gift with words and the ability to touch the soul of many people with it!
"Just keep writing!"