Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Cheshire Smile

The intimacy we share is a gift of hope.
It is our contrite hearts that have been blessed.
I will be bold with this miracle we have been granted.
Other dreamers would envy without responsible accord.
I trust your understanding will not be misconstrued by romantic fantasies. No, I am not afraid.
Yet, to another I am protective of the truth.
The time of distance through the days has been expected. My flights Quicken with even more challenges. I am impatient to return to you.
No, I do not fear to be so bold. I know you understand.
The mystery others see in my cheshire smile is my love for you.


Dorothy said...

Oh, Amy,absolutly beautiful. *my heart aches for you* You are so talented and so loved. Keep smiling.

Love ya,

Thomma Lyn said...

Beautiful, Amie! And wow, what a perfect last line. Leaves such a lasting impression -- much like the Cheshire Cat's smile! :)

Paula said...

I love the last line too!
Such an image for the imagination.