Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Salt for the Dandelion

The gleaming light of the sun carries my mind to a playful ground.

My confidence was often tested by you.

Oh, you were so mischievous that day!

I became brazen in your challenges.

But, you had such an enticing dare.

I could not resist the excitement of your alluring escapade.

Your zestful venture summoned a gust to the air.

Our tempting and taunting pounded on the sod like a drum.

The percussion resounded with passion in our souls.

The soil seemed to softened beneath us as we pressed against the earth.

The pressure of your touch became so humid in the heat.

I began to feel hopelessly rapt.

I still crave the flavor of your moist brackish skin.


Paula said...

I just love that poem! It is a like a picture with words!

Dorothy said...

A picture worth a thousand words. But you did extremely well in just a few words. *aplause* I especially love the last line.

Love you, Mom

Thomma Lyn said...

*shivers*, such a lovely poem, such strong feelings evoked. And I love "pounded on the sod like a drum" and "hopelessly rapt."

Lori said...

Very, very....real. I felt every word!!