Thursday, September 3, 2009

Too Long

I have sat with a weight in my heart
I desired the dreams that our silence conjured
My changing walls followed your spirit
Your grace left a shadow in my room

I released your warm grasp
I erected a wall of time between us
Fate was my hope
Ill-fate was your answer

Your genuine strength is what I relied on
I emulated your integrity
Your natural devotion led my way
I didn't know your delicate defeat

Can you forgive my folly?
I have lived every day forth with grit
I have held on
Your memory became my endurance

Yet, I am empty despite your gifts
My soul is lacking fulfillment
My skin is craving a single touch
I am in need of more than a parallel

I will do justice to our love
But, I must go from this heartache
You are no longer destined for defeat

Nor, am I


Dorothy said...

Lovely. I bet his spirit is reading every word you write, and will have lots of love to give you when you see him again.

Thomma Lyn said...

Oh, Amie -- this one touched me deeply -- made me all teary-eyed and shivery. Such a beautiful poetic tribute to timeless love.