Sunday, November 22, 2009

Embraced by Weakness

Chatter surfaces to thought.
Embraced by weakness,
I am not of worthy pardon.
The final decision was exact.
Her vision stings with controversy.
She has claimed her desire and I have given in to more than a touch.
I have submitted to my own failing, a power greater than her intrigue.

I hear my mind justifying the cause.
I argue, I am in control of my own morality,
I am decidedly human and therefore weak.
May I be of goodness and falter?

Solitude has been a pale blessing.
Grin and laughter were confusing.
Sadness reined as a slump on my stature.
Even now, I am not fulfilled.
The distraction has not been loud enough to mute the pangs.
I dance around recognition for the fa├žade of reprieve.
. . .

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

Great job! I especially like the last line. And the leaf image, amazing. I like things like that.