Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Flaw of a Soul's Desire

Must I be so honest that I voice the desires of my soul?
Must I be held to the weak moments of my imaginings?
I have found safety and hope in the anonymity of my mind.
My heart was broken and empty without a vision to crave.
Should I be so responsible that I admit my dreams have placed you in my heart?
I will deny intent.
For, my desire for you is a pleasant fantasy.
When I need to be touched, it is your skin that I summon, to warm with mine.
It is your eyes that I search for to connect my thoughts.
It is your sound that caresses my acts of passion.
It is your energy leading to mine.
It is your calmness that lends to my rest.
It is your vision that brings me hope.
Yes, I am without, at present.
Yes, you are the inspiration leading my search.
I hope she is just like you.

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