Sunday, March 22, 2009

There are pieces of you everywhere

There are pieces of you everywhere.
In these places, have you been?

I have felt the winds sweep through a valley and glide swiftly over hidden waters.
I know the breeze that has carried moisture to your tears.

I know you long for an escape. I have traveled in the expanse of skies and I have seen you in its gentle flows, I know you want a time of peace and to play with the ruffles of the air.

I have endured the roads of this land and I have ridden its curves.
I know your anger and rebellion in the bumps and the sways.

My stomach has matched your discomfort in the endless mundane.
I know you have the courage and passion for undying love.

I have sped quickly down a mountainside to feel gravity flutter in my soul.
I know you desire to be trusted and need to be carefree.

I have awoken to smell the salt of the ocean and watched while the tides draw substance.
I know your anticipation tugs at you from within, it beckons your involvement.

I have seen you in the western sky when the moon is so full of mystery that it causes the thin air to glow.
I know you are as innocent and beautiful as you are mystic and divine.

I have observed storms brew and crash down with a mighty strength and then wane to new and abundant growth.
I know your prayers must be close to despair
but, I know there is much more for you in store.

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