Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Homes Walk

Her stride stretches the concrete pathway.

A mild summer evening casts its glow on her face.

This is a time of insight.

Just as many a time before.

It is a time to appriciate.

A time of use, to imagine.

She's taken note of the houses that line the street.

The iridescent bulbs shine through the windows.

The faces of twilight glow cheerfully.

She nods in passing with a smile.

A nod is given for familiarity.

And then another, for acknowledgment.

Her steps of meditation are paced by a neighborly song.

The season's little yellow bird has perched on a wire to participate.

She pondered the placement of lives that circled her home.

Wisdom has come from their examples.

Their oddities have opened her mind.

She's confident the placement has brought her back.


Dorothy said...

Very vivid. Happiness surrounds her. I love this. Charming and sweet.

Thomma Lyn said...

What a vivid picture of contentment you have painted with this lovely poem, complete with the yellow bird of hope. :)