Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 AM

The thin air clears my thoughts.
I take one last inhale at the close of this day.
The icy branches reflect a repetitive traffic signal on the vacant street below.
It’s time is being kept by the twinkling of the stars.
The winds breath is slow and gentle now.
I am comforted.
Alone, my heart still shifts to a smile.
The moon sings her lullaby,
-The painting is by Ray Hendershot, it's called, Working Late. click on the picture to see the link.


Dorothy said...

I love this amazing poem.
The picture with the words you chose is perfect. I especially love, "The moon sings her lullaby,
'Goodnight, Goodnight.'"

I love nights like this. The moon is my favorite sky friend. I could sit and look out my bedroom window at the moon on a night like what the picture depicts, for hours and hours.

Lovely job,
Love you

Amie said...

Thanks for your whitty support, it lends to sustainence of life.