Friday, January 15, 2010

The Sounds of Wapiti

I moved to a small rural town in Illinois

It was small, but it was a town, none the less.

I stepped out onto the porch.

I was contemplating what I left behind.

I watched the neighborhood activity.

It was different here.

A peculiar sound emerged above the tree line.

Behind the houses, the cries of an elk pulled at my heart.

The sounds of a bull pained in search of his female.

One would expect to hear this plea from the forest edges.

In perhaps, Montana, as I remembered it well.

He must be lost, I thought.

I must be lost.

I too had been separated from my companion.

I considered the confusion, my recall couldn’t be right.

Again, I heard the labored invitation.

If you’ve ever heard the wapiti, you’d believe its sound is unmistakable.

“Did you hear that?”

I whispered to the black cat who became my nightly partner

His, eyes widened as we listened to the sounds together.

Yes, this is abnormal.

I was startled by the neighbor passing on the sidewalk

He waived at me as he spoke into his cell,

“No, I haven’t seen him yet, but I hear him.

Yes, I’ll keep looking.” He concluded.

I nodded in return.

“Say have you seen a donkey? Some people ‘round here got Lama’s, but, my wife just had to get a donkey. Damn thing got loose.”

"No", I said, "I haven’t but, I think I’ve heard it too.”

"Okay, thanks."

I nodded again.

I looked down at the cat,

Yes, this is abnormal.


Anonymous said...

I loved your view of " THE Small Town... I can relate. The unexplained feeling of leaving something or someone behind is all so familiar. While reading I'm able to see the confusion in your mind eye, not aware of what is happening not sure for the explation of what sorrounds you. Things are at times so unfamiliarmair, no reasons why. Your words are enjoyable to read. Thank you for sharing...Love Char

Paula said...

Maybe it was a mocking bird?
Great Post!
Love ya.

Dorothy said...

I'm sorry I passed up this post. I'm glad you posted this piece. I love it, especially the Elk...Love ya, mom

Thomma Lyn said...

I love this -- so evocative! :) A story in a poem.