Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Our Time


We waited, with the innocents and excitement of children.
We talked endlessly of the possibilities.
We conjured dreams that would rise in our hopes.
We still waited.
Not even our prayers could bring it faster.
Patently, then angrily, even with discouragement,
We waited.
We would jump at new sights, new sounds,
We would chatter with new Ideas.
Designs were plotted,
Maps were considered,
Preparations were established.
We still waited.
We checked and double checked our intuition.
Is this it? Is that a sign? How will it arrive?
Is it ever going to happen?
It is.
It will come.
On the breeze of an ordinary day,
It will be here, twirling within the leaves that land at our feet,
It will be brought in by the landing of an owl.
We will inspect our fears one last time.
Here it will be, with the promise of the warm sun just around the bend.
We begin to chatter again.
Designs, maps, preparations!
It is our journey.
Our distance will always be greater than our future.


Thomma Lyn said...

Oh, I love this. So thoughtful and wise. And the last line -- "our distance will always be greater than our future" -- perfect!

Dorothy said...

Perfect! We waited. Anticipating, plotting, designing, mapping our way. All great. Loved every word and could definitely identify with it.

nora said...

Amy, this is beautiful,so thought provoking.