Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Time

This time
I am perched, safe
I do not shiver in your deception
I know what you are after
I am not confused by your riddles of behavior
I’ve seen your lack of interests
I am not harmed by your condemning shrill
You’ve never known, I’m much stronger than that
My past is what I learned from
Your twists are not my fate
I have chosen instinct

My soul had been protected
As you fed from my sincerity
My heart was taking caution
Your justifications were the clue
I saw the error of your judgments
A territorial display
Your presumptions led us to falter
I am not your prey
Genuine, we will never be.


Thomma Lyn said...

So powerful, Amie -- this poem speaks to great strength and personal integrity in the face of great difficulty with a relationship. Beautifully done.

Dorothy said...

Amen to that...Beautifuly done. It's speaks volumes and touches the heart.

Love ya...

Lil's Garden said...

so when are you going to publish that book of poems?

Amie said...

When I have over fifty.