Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sharing our hunger

We were desirous.
We waited for a single encounter, a single event.
Maybe it was subtle. Maybe we missed it. Was it so plain?
It couldn’t have been.
We knew what that profound moment would bring.
How we desired such ascensions.
We urged the gods of all good
We enlisted the gods of secrecy.
We participated with prayers and superstitions,
with rituals and repetitions.  
This is what desire will do to you.

We were sure that the cosmos had formed its alignment.
We had faith in the winds.
We drew in the flavor of destiny.
We tasted a conjured aroma.
It brought us to higher ground.

Dare we admit the foolish dreams of girls?
Was it to be so mysterious?
At this age, how could we lack such wisdom?
Shall we now glimpse back at what we had forsaken?
It truth, it was a broken scene.
It was that dolefulness that contrived our voracious need.

Survival has its necessary appetite.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Amie! (Daved)